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Leah Ashley: Blog #4

I’ve done a lot of website/blog creations for classes before, especially in high school. I was hoping we’d be learning about how/where to purchase a domain and how to program our own website but I can understand how that could take too much time. It’s pretty easy to embed everything in once you have all […]

Leah Ashley: Blog #5 Censorship

As an artist I am a giant advocate for free speech; its one of the most relevant things to my work reaching other people. To the extent that I’ll even defend “hate” speech because actions always defy words. If something said is in poor taste to me personally I always remember if that person is […]

Leah Ashley- Sobchack and “Understanding” Media

Responding to things or media physically doesn’t create a factually objective statement about that media. Even when a thing such as a video with animated images and audio, which is supposedly the most physically tangible media to a human being, if you have the highest tendency to react physically you only react based on your […]

Leah Ashley Reading Response #5: Nichols

I think there’s definitely room for semantic debate within media arts. If everything is a documentary why wouldn’t it be used that way by the general public? Language is usually reflected- directly influenced by society and the way people manipulate a language over time; it was never about who establishes that word as something specific […]

Leah Ashley_ Reading Response #2: Morozov

I’m here to clear up a few things about Morozovs’ article: the cyber flaneur isn’t dead at all, it’s just not an attractive thing for most people. In the present-day internet space you have the ability to surf and witness things untouched by google on other browsers, mostly ones that can access the deep or […]

Leah Ashley_Reading Response #1

Considering this course is founded upon the discussion of changing media it makes complete sense to have the “Ways of Seeing” as one of our very first readings. Perspective changes over time along with the existential purpose of art. To me this essay also gave me a reason to believe why still life paintings can […]