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Blog Post #5

For the final portfolio project, the process of designing has gone pretty smoothly; however, the bulk of the work remains with writing out descriptions for each portion. Choosing the images has been pretty fun. One issue with selecting the photos is the sizing and the aspect rations for pictures on certain pages. With only a […]

Blog Post #4 Andrew Yang

For the final portfolio project, I’ve decided to build my website through the Wix platform. It’s been pretty fun playing around with the different template that the builder provides. As for the content, the images have taken a while to sort through as there are approximately seventy photos to choose from. Three of the key […]

Locative Media Project- Andrew Yang (Noah Zucker)

I visited Noah’s Locative Media Project, located at the Norlin Quad. As far as accessing the project, there were a few Wi-Fi dead zones on the field itself; regardless, I got to hear the majority of the project. I really appreciated the simplicity of his approach. Both of the atmospheres were on the Norlin Quad […]

Andrew Yang- Reading Response #5

As much as any fictional film, documentary works to highlight and sometimes exaggerate a specific set of social issues. Traditionally, documentary is accepted as non-fictional in the social representative light; however, the “truths” presented in documentary can be contended like in any other film. One could argue that Fight Club is a fictional film about […]

Reading Response #4

In Peter Lunenfield’s, The Digital Dialectic: Real and the Ideal AND Unfinished Business, two major ideas are conveyed. In the first part, Lunenfield introduces two sides of a polar spectrum when regarding technology. On one end, there is the Naïve Realist and at the other there is the Network Idealists. For the Naïve Realists, technology […]

Blog Post #3 Andrew Yang

For the locative media project, I think the lesson of “form follows function” applies more so than ever. In using an existing space here at the CU campus, adding ambiance, dialogue, or sound in general must work with the space that it occupies. With complete control over audio, different sounds can completely set the tone […]

Andrew Yang- Reading Response #2

In Evgeny Morozov’s article, “The Death of the Cyberflâneur”, the humble beginnings of the Internet and its users are compared to the practices of the early flâneurs of the late 1800s. Without any goals, motives, or purpose, the flâneur aimlessly wanders the city as to absorb each detail of their surrounding. Following the pace of […]

Blog Post #2 Andrew Yang

I have yet to begin filming for the vine project; however, I have several ideas for what I want to film. Having the limitation of six seconds serves as a double-edged sword. On one hand, six seconds is not very long; on the other hand, I believe it inspires creativity as well as simplicity. With these two […]

Blog Post #1 Andrew Yang

So far the project has been going pretty well. As of now, there is a pretty good spread of pictures per day throughout the week. For the theme of family, getting pictures that easily depict the theme was difficult as an out of state student; however, taking pictures of things that reminded me of family […]

Reading Response #1 Andrew Yang

From the big screen of a theatre to the screen on your watch, technology has allowed for all forms of media to advance at an incredible rate. Within the film world itself, these advancements impact a culture in a way that A.O Scott explains through his article “The Screening of America”. In his experience and […]