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App Review Julie Abjean

Will took a really in depth, creative story, and made it feel interactive. Although it was difficult to run based on software problems, the concept was still there to understand. The first trigger point is directly outside of Norlin library. There’s some ambient noise for a short while, and then the speaking begins. The voice […]

Reading Response #2 Julie Abjean

Colonialism And The Built Space of the Cinema of Nigeria In this chapter, Larkin argues on the historical and cultural importance of the Nigerian movie theater. He raises points of how the cinema began as a very controversial space. The technology was very much against the Muslim religion, which dominated the area and became a […]

Blog #2

This week was a big production week for me. With daily photos, and the found footage assignment deadline approaching, I tried my best to get a lot of the work done early. On Wednesday, I spent almost 6 hours in Norlin Library creating my found footage video. At the time, I thought it was due […]

Blog #1 Julie Abjean

Thus far, the photo-a-day assignment has taken most of my attention in class. I’ve completed the first week and I’m almost ready to upload my photos for week 2. Week one was fun. I liked trying to document what it was like to live in my apartment. There’s always a little bit of a mess, […]

Reading Response #1 Julie Abjean

In this weeks reading from A.O. Scott, he articulates some of the challenges cinema has in our current society. He references his own experience in the way he consumes cinematic media, which is much like the rest of us. Gone are the days of going to the movie theater twice a week or even more […]