Sam Brown Blog Post #5

This was our final week of class before finals week. Instead of a final exam, we have a final project worth a large percentage of our grade. The final project was to create a website showcasing all of our personal projects from throughout the semester. The guidelines to the project were pretty straight forward, which made the building and completion of this website manageable and actually fun. I had never made a website before, so this project really opened my eyes to a whole new technology and way of organizing my work. Throughout the semester, I was not sure how all the projects would relate together and if each of them had any significance at all. But, after stringing them all together, you can almost see my style of work through the several different kinds of media being posted on the site. Not only do the individual pieces of work look good, but the website as a whole turned out really nice and quite functional too. I tried to be as creative as I could to reach my full potential. Seeing an example in class of a well put together website really boosted my confidence as my thought process is that if someone in this class made that website, I could make mine better. I also hope other people outside of this class visit my website to see what I’ve created in hopes that it will inspire them to be a creator and make new media themselves. I have attached a link to this post showing a website I gained a lot of inspiration from.