Leah Ashley: Blog #4

I’ve done a lot of website/blog creations for classes before, especially in high school. I was hoping we’d be learning about how/where to purchase a domain and how to program our own website but I can understand how that could take too much time. It’s pretty easy to embed everything in once you have all of the content for the site you need especially if you’re using like Wix. I’m not going to be very lost on this assignment because I’ve created many blogs outside of school as well on Tumblr; you might need some minimal knowledge of code to customize to the fullest capabilities but a lot of it is just downloading templates. On Wix you straight up just use their own formats or buy them so I’ll probably end up using a throwaway account to dump all of my stuff from this class into a Wix website.

Link= The tumbleryest pic I could find.