Last Blog Post – Portfolio

My portfolio is coming along, slowly but surely as I create it in WordPress. I had some initial problems with the site as far as being able to update my content on to one of the templates allowed to me but through some dialogue with an expert I was able to work through it. I have three of the seven components completed at this point but I will need to come into the computer lab tomorrow to retrieve my found footage project. I like how the layout looks thus far and am not too worried about clarity or presentation. However, my locative media project went a bit awry so I will not be using a link but, rather, I will create a walk-through video of my intentions for the project as far as locations and sounds that I was using to compose the piece. This video may help explain more clearly what I was trying to do to tie the soundscapes and locations together. The photo pieces such as three photos that are emblematic of concepts in class and six photos to show my progression are still in progress. To be frank, I could have tried harder on photo-a-day pictures because I am big into photography but I always found myself in a time crunch and could not express myself in the way I wanted to with class and work getting in the way. Overall, I think I will meet the requirements of this portfolio to show all of the work I have completed this semester. I’ve embedded pictures of a student before and after finals season below to reflect where I am at.