Fletcher Evilsizer Blog post #5

I have been taking quite a bit of time thinking about my locative media project and my final portfolio. I want to add my locative media to my portfolio because it is not only required but it was also probably my favorite project we did all semester. I really enjoyed how I got to use my hobby and incorporate it into the class. I was going to add the sounds to my portfolio somehow and I will also include pictures of the places where the sounds are supposed to be played and put them on my page. I want my portfolio to be about sound because that is the media that is most important to me. It will be a good opportunity to figure out how to set up a website that will benefit how I portray myself as an artist. Thinking about space in media is essential to create a good website. Whether it be where a link takes you or how the pages layout is, space is going to be a main theme I try to tackle with this project. I want the viewer of my page to never lose interest and also have plenty to look for on the page. Furthermore, I will want the viewer to be engaged and truly have a deeper thinking about the media that I am presenting. I have never used WIX but I like how it looks I might use that to create my page. Or if it is acceptable I will use Tumblr because I am very familiar with tumblr.