Blog Post #5

Looking at all my work over the progression of the class is pretty incredible. I would have never imagined that I would have made an app. Even if the majority of it was just putting in coordinates, I’m so proud of myself. I totally had multiple breakdowns making the Locative media project, but during Thanksgiving break, I told my whole family about it. The How-To video was probably my favorite thing I made. I go on so many adventures, and the ability to finally put something together from it was liberating. The ten second limit seemed almost impossible at first. I think when the final portfolio is finished, it’ll look great. I’m excited to actually elaborate more on what I’ve created

It kind of freaks me out when Professor Young explains how everything we put online is technically not ours anymore. It makes me not want to upload any of my own photos or videos I’ve made. I question whether most sites actually act on something like that. For example, will Instagram ever use my posts for some sort of their own project without giving me credit? Even worse thinking about a country that won’t even allow you on real internet. All the Chinese citizens who never experience the real deal will never know something so simple as to google anything without worrying about restrictions.

The media I incorporated today is an Instagram post from a starting photographer. I have mentioned my friend from home before who is a photographer/videographer, and he shows me all these amazing new photographers trying to make their own spot in the world. This is my all time favorite photo