Blog Post #4 – Sydney Lashmet

The photo a days overall were really fun to me because I’ve always loved to take pictures, but I was never sure if I was getting it right. I know there is no right in that case, and it’s more on preference, but now when my friends see the things I capture, or even my projects in general, everyone is really impressed. I am impressed. I see my photos coming to life, and even when taking pictures outside of class, I am utilizing editing ideas, consider exposure, and where I visualize everything being aesthetically placed. Not all things that I photograph will please everyone, but the confidence I gained is satisfying.

In today’s world, I find it hard for my generation to be effective with its opportunities. We are so creative and lack the determination to finish things out, in my opinion, but this course motivates students to be in the field more often. Interestingly, I think that the Net neutrality issue is motivating my generation to be proactive in the “battle” as well, because we are more inclined to be posting our ideas to online platforms. The last sorts of hope for creativity and perseverance to see it out could be lost to the ISPs loading screens.

Below I included a link to the website where I learned about the “battle” of Net Neutrality, in case you’re interested to write in to congress, as well.