Blog Post #4 Noah Thacker

I am so happy that the photo a day is now over! I am not a great photographer and I never had time to stop and take pictures anyways. I love using a video camera much more than I do a still camera. My pictures have also been having these weird flares across them ever since I smashed the glass in front of the lens on my phone. But I don’t mind it to bad because it does give the picture a decent effect that otherwise would be hard to replicate. For this last week, I’ve been finding the photos to be challenging. The panorama is really cool and fun to do, but it is hard to pick up details of people. Sometimes the people in the pictures come out all distorted looking. So my idea to overcome this is to take panorama photos in big crowds or in popular places to give you a range of things to look at. Maybe if I capture multiple people it will look better than one person in a very very wide photo. It also helps that I am in Florida for the majority of this week because it is a new view and has lots of different landscapes and types of people than Colorado does. Plus most things I’ll be doing in Florida will be in busy places where I will have an opportunity to take my pictures. Hopefully, these will turn out as great as I expect them to be.