Blog Post #4 – Kelsey Mullins

I started my portfolio website this week using Square Space. I have never used Square Space before so there was a bit of a learning curve, but overall the program is pretty intuitive. I completed my introduction page and uploaded and explained 3 photo of the week images. I found it easy to upload the media, but organizing the pages was difficult. Square Space includes a lot of tabs and links by default, so it took a while to delete all of the unnecessary information. I found a Square Space tutorial on Youtube, and it really helped me learn about the different functions.

This project wraps up everything we have done throughout the semester, and has been a nice way to review all of the topics we discussed. I thought it was interesting to try and connect my photos to the class concepts (step 2 of the portfolio). I didn’t realize how many of my photos would be directly or indirectly related to the class. For example, I took several images that dealt with security cameras or surveillance. This reminded me of the surveillance and censorship readings from class, and made me re-evaluate how these topics are handled on CU’s campus. Once I started looking for security cameras, I found them all over campus. I don’t think I would have noticed the prevalence of security cameras on our campus if I had not taken photos of them for my photo-a-day project.

Overall, I think I have a good start to my portfolio website, but I still have a lot of media to add before it is complete.