Blog post #4

For this weeks blog post i will be discussing the final portfolio project. I have made some progress on it, like choosing which photos i want to add and thinking about what i will want to talk about for the paragraphs for each project. I have enjoyed reflecting on all of the projects we have completed this year. I especially like seeing how my photo-a-day projects progressed over the course of the semester. There is not much difference in the qualities of my photos from the beginning of the semester until now, but the thought behind my photos has definitely progressed. Some difficulties i have hid this far include what website to make this portfolio on and how to embed our found footage and locative media projects. I am not sure if we are supposed to making our own website or just finding a website template that we can construct our portfolio on. Also, i do not see how we can add a link to our locative media project. I feel like taking screenshots of the locations and audio i used on the app would be a better way of providing the locative media project. This project relates to the course as we are reflecting on every project we have made this year and putting them into a portfolio. So, this project relates to material we have learned throughout the entire semester.