Blog 5- Kelsey Cloud

For the final portfolio I have definitely made more progress since the last blog post last Friday. Since last Friday, I have designed the layout of my website and have organized every section in a creative way. I’ve made my entire home page, which consists of a slideshow of pictures and gifs that relate to what we’ve learned over the course of the semester, my introduction paragraph outlining why I took the course and what I’ve learned, as well as a collage of pictures that also relate to the topics we’ve talked about in class. I have chosen which images I’m going to use that show how my eye changed and I’ve written explanations about my trajectory with them. Overall, I have written a significant portion of the descriptions that go with each part of the portfolio and have chosen how I’m going to portray my portfolio in a website form.

So far, I haven’t had any difficulties. The only thing that I was confused about was the embedding of the link for the locative media projects, but that was taken care of! Otherwise, I have had success with Wix, with organizing my ideas and with carrying them out. The final portfolio has allowed me to consolidate everything that I have created and analyzed throughout the semester and has led me to critically think about what progress I have made. The portfolio relates to the class because it is a compilation of not just all of the projects that I have created myself, but asks us to critically analyze and remember the number of topics that we have covered over the course of the semester.

I was looking through old lectures and remembered the Hedgehog in the Fog, which was one of my favorite videos that we watched.