Blog #5- Anna Morgenthaler

For the final portfolio I have selected the template on Wix for my website and have started designing and putting contents onto my site. I have selected most of the photos I plan to use in my portfolio and have begun outlining my responses to the required questions.

I have been struggling with how to creatively incorporate some of the themes of the course into the layout of my website. The themes that I found most interesting this semester are: remix culture, ethics in media production, and the convention of perspective. I have not yet settled on which one of these themes I want to incorporate, or how I am going to do this, but have begun to brainstorm about possibilities.

My success with this project so far include the insights I have found in my work in culminating the course material, finding photos of mine that I am proud to present, and creatively incorporating my Locative Media Project. I am really excited to have the opportunity to showcase my work on the Locative Media Project. I feel that I had a well-developed concept for my walk through, but never got the chance to truly carry out my ideas. I really hope that through my work on the portfolio I can present this project to its fullest.

I respect the fact that the contents of the site should be a culmination of not only my work in the course, but also the course as a whole. I am beginning to realize how I have grown as a media maker, both in my work and my analytical thinking. I recognize that this project grants me the opportunity to become the camera lens that directs the eyes and minds of my audience, and what a great responsibility this is.

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