Blog #5

The final portfolio that I am currently putting together is a compilation of everything that I have done throughout this semester. It is interesting to look back at the work that I have done, critique it, and to put my best stuff on display. I have never created my own website before, but it is a challenging project that I am actually excited to put together. I love that I can make it my own and show off my artwork.
In the beginning of the semester, I was a little nervous to share the pictures that I had taken, even though I knew it was homework and that I had to share them if I wanted to get credit. Over time, as I got a little more creative with my pictures, It felt good to express what I thought was good work. I have never been good at photography, but It was fun to try new things and to see if I had any talent. After looking at all of my work, I have come to the conclusion that I am actually not that good.
However, I really enjoyed the found footage project. I have a little experience with editing, and I felt confident putting together the video that I created. I have always been intrigued by film, which is the main reason why I took this course. I thought we were going to be learning more about film, but instead I learned a lot more about a different side of the cinema industry, and the media culture. Im excited to put together this website and to show off my masterpieces.