Blog #4: Final Portfolio 1

Jacob Trujillo

For the final portfolio I wanted to build a website that reflected everything I’ve learned in this class. So far, I have completed the introduction to this project and in a way, this is the most important part of the whole site. It should introduce everything you’ll be talking about. For the self-portrait I decided to choose the black and white shot because I feel this best expresses who I am. Even though there isn’t much to go off of, I believe the photo shows that I am a creative, hard-working person who has been through rough times in his life but builds off of that as his inspiration. I love when photos say a lot with a little. I’ve attached this photo at the bottom.


I had difficulty choosing the introduction photo because I didn’t know what photo would best express me. I felt this intro photo was crucial in showing my whole project so choosing the photo and coming up with the introduction paragraph was difficult to write. I’m hoping though with the right intro, the rest of the project will easier and can easily build off of the intro.


This project is very relatable to the course because it forces us to turn the camera on us and capture ourselves in a good light and makes us describe us and how we’ve improved in the world of media. Contemporary media is all about understand the photographer and their intentions or the directors idea and vision for a film. The idea is that you feel what the creator felt when creating that media.