Blog #4- Anna Morgenthaler

I have taken and posted all of my pictures for Photo-a-Day #11: People Panorama, to Flickr. For this project it was difficult for me to find locations off campus to take my photos, due to the fact that I spend most of my time on campus. As a result, my photos ended up not being very diverse and had few people in them. The fact that the pictures needed to be panoramas also caused me some difficulties. It was difficult for me to capture moving subjects with this style of photography, resulting in many of my pictures appearing wonky and spliced. I think the quality of my photos definitely suffered do to the constraints of the assignment.

However, I think the constraints of this assignment also forced me to be more creative. The restrictions of the assignment forced me to think differently about how to capture my subject matter, resulting in my photos being different then the ones I have taken the other weeks of the semester. A theme I saw develop in my photography this semester was capturing my subjects up close. This assignment required that I step back and take in an entire landscape rather than the minute details of a scene.

This project relates to the theme of surveillance that has been discussed in lecture. I did not ask any of the subjects in my photos for permission before, or after, capturing them, and as a result most of them did not know or realize I was photographing them. This made me very uncomfortable. It was surprising to see how many people did not react to my “surveillance” of them, proving the point made in lecture that in some ways our society has become immune to surveillance, as we are all absorbed in cyberculture.

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