Reading Response #5 – Kelsey Mullins

Nichols chapter “Why are Ethical Issues Central to Documentary Filmmaking?” discusses the power of films (and people’s interpretation of films) to convey a likeness of the world, represent others, and argue a particular viewpoint. Nichols explains the difference between treating people as “actors” and “social actors.” Social actors are people in non-fiction documentary films, and […]

Blog Post #4 – Sydney Lashmet

The photo a days overall were really fun to me because I’ve always loved to take pictures, but I was never sure if I was getting it right. I know there is no right in that case, and it’s more on preference, but now when my friends see the things I capture, or even my […]

Blog Post #4 Noah Thacker

I am so happy that the photo a day is now over! I am not a great photographer and I never had time to stop and take pictures anyways. I love using a video camera much more than I do a still camera. My pictures have also been having these weird flares across them ever […]

Blog Post #4 – Kelsey Mullins

I started my portfolio website this week using Square Space. I have never used Square Space before so there was a bit of a learning curve, but overall the program is pretty intuitive. I completed my introduction page and uploaded and explained 3 photo of the week images. I found it easy to upload the […]

Blog #4: Final Portfolio 1

Jacob Trujillo For the final portfolio I wanted to build a website that reflected everything I’ve learned in this class. So far, I have completed the introduction to this project and in a way, this is the most important part of the whole site. It should introduce everything you’ll be talking about. For the self-portrait […]

Blog #4- Anna Morgenthaler

I have taken and posted all of my pictures for Photo-a-Day #11: People Panorama, to Flickr. For this project it was difficult for me to find locations off campus to take my photos, due to the fact that I spend most of my time on campus. As a result, my photos ended up not being […]

Leah Ashley: Blog #4

I’ve done a lot of website/blog creations for classes before, especially in high school. I was hoping we’d be learning about how/where to purchase a domain and how to program our own website but I can understand how that could take too much time. It’s pretty easy to embed everything in once you have all […]

Blog post #4

For this weeks blog post i will be discussing the final portfolio project. I have made some progress on it, like choosing which photos i want to add and thinking about what i will want to talk about for the paragraphs for each project. I have enjoyed reflecting on all of the projects we have […]

Sam Brown Blog Post #5

This was our final week of class before finals week. Instead of a final exam, we have a final project worth a large percentage of our grade. The final project was to create a website showcasing all of our personal projects from throughout the semester. The guidelines to the project were pretty straight forward, which […]

Blog Post #5

Looking at all my work over the progression of the class is pretty incredible. I would have never imagined that I would have made an app. Even if the majority of it was just putting in coordinates, I’m so proud of myself. I totally had multiple breakdowns making the Locative media project, but during Thanksgiving […]