Reading Response #4 – Lowood, Warcraft Adventures

Jacob Trujillo
This reading focuses primarily on one of the most popular franchise games in software, known as Warcraft and how it is used to create visual storytelling and movies from players. Game moviemaking is huge in contemporary media and is created all of the time. Warcraft is primarily replay videos, making it historic and primarily archival while World of Warcraft builds off of Warcraft and you can compete and also utilizes and uses replays and it’s success as a game can be tracked back to replay movies. The reading dives into how many games have sunk into this world of machima and replay storytelling of “worthy gamers.” The reading discusses the negatives and positives to how game movies have affected game culture and if it’s cooperative or conflict. I believe we live in a world of game culture now more than ever. It’s contemporary media in every sense of the word. Youtube game replays are created every day and are consumed by millions of people every day, if not billions.  A lot of contemporary games are discovered through replays like the article mentioned. One example that I have for relating this article to me is the new rising game “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.” I would not consider myself a gamer at all. Never played them. However when a friend showed me this game, I had to dive in. 2 weeks later and now I’m watching replay movies ever so often and watching movies and storytelling of these games and how gamers can profit off of Youtube views. I’ve attached a link to a screenshot of the game I play and a video of it and the number of views it has already. Keep in mind, this game is very new so you can see just how popular replay and machima game storytelling is.