Reading Response #4

This week’s reading response is on Warcraft Adventures by Henry LoWood. My love for games is what initially drew my attention to this reading; however, I have never been interested or even played World of Warcraft. Having said that, I have always known how popular this game is, and that it has become quite the franchise in the past 14 years. New and improved WOW (World Of Warcraft) games are constantly being produced, as well as merchandise, action figures, and even movies. One movie in particular, that I do not recommend watching.
Any who, the main thing I found intriguing about this article was the whole concept of Machinima, which is filmmaking within a real time, 3D virtual environment, meaning that filmmakers use game software and gameplay to create animated videos. This changed the whole dynamics of gaming and how players interact with the game itself. Even though I have not played WOW, I am very familiar with Machinima and the glorious impact it has on gaming. Machinima feels as if you are not only playing a game, but that you are a part of story and are participating within the plot. It intensifies each situation, and really brings the story of the game, its characters to life. It also allows you to control the characters decisions so that the plot can change to your will. This goes back to the concept of space, and how technology is now changing the way we interact with 3Demensional space. Machinima is a way for the gamers to immerse themselves in the space, or realm of World of Warcraft.