Blog #3

This weeks photo a day assignment was about taking pictures from the ground, and to view the world from a different perspective. I truly enjoyed this weeks photo a day assignment because this is something I like to do whenever I do take pictures because it not only lets me see things differently, but it makes the subject or the scene in the picture seem bigger. I like taking pictures from the ground perspective when the subject is far away, because the shot takes in everything that is in that space. I mainly enjoy these kinds of pictures because it allows me to view the world in a way that i’m not use to, especially when I am outside. I can go on and on about the “artistic value” of these pictures, and how the different angles enhance the authenticity of the shot, but in all honestly I just think they are super cool.
In regards to what we learned in class, this relates to the connection between media and space. The perspective allowed me to experiment with the spaces around me. I felt as if I wasn’t capturing the moment on camera, but was apart of the space that was in the picture.