Blog #2: Locative Media

Jacob Trujillo


The locative media project is one of the more interesting projects I’ve done in this class. It certainly takes all the little intricate details of a film or media project and instead has you focus on a much more broad aspect, recording a space and creating a “tour” of it through audio. So far, I’ve currently decided where to do my tour. I would like to create a space of the IMIG Music building on campus. I have an audio class there and it is always cool to walk through the hallways and listen to all of the different instruments being played. I had difficulty deciding on a place just for the fact that I wanted to capture something that was unique yet also identifiable and clear. Once I decided to do the music building, it was a lot easier from there to sort of start planning out what I’m going to want to do. This project utilizes media in a way this shown in modern day film and historic films. Creating a “space” and playing all the sounds from that space is easily relatable to the things discussed in our lectures. For this project, I will be using a Zoom field recorder with a bi-directional microphone to help capture the whole space of the building. I’ve attached a picture of this recorder and an image of the music building itself. I’m excited to see how this project turns out and the kind of quality I can produce and clarity without having a moving image go with it. It’s like a silent film, just that the video is non-existent and the only thing is the audio playing, pretty neat.


Links to images of music building…