Reading Response #4 “Film Live”-Noah Thacker

Machinima was really confusing to me during the lecture because it seemed like a wishy-washy kind of media to me with not very many specific rules. Nitsche described machinima a use of a “3D game engines to generate a recorded performance in virtual worlds” which really helped me understand what it is. While I was reading Nitsche talked constantly about the future of machinima. I believe machinima does have a future, but I’m not sure where. I think that the best place they live is on the internet and on youtube. I was wondering if machinima would expand into other areas of media such as movies. Films that are based on video games have been historically bad and vice versa. So I don’t see machinima expanding more than a fan hobby on youtube. When I was in middle school I actually watched a lot of machinima without even knowing it. I was a huge Call of Duty fan and watched people make narratives from the characters and maps in Call of Duty. I actually found the jokes and humor really funny but my mother said it was stupid. To me, it was really entertaining and now that I know what machinima is I have a greater respect for it. Machinima is a fun media and very entertaining to watch.