Locative Media App Review- Phoenix Vaughan-Ende

Phoenix Vaughan-Ende

Intro to Contemporary Media Cultures

13 November 2017

Partner App Review

   Given that people so many people were not able to get their project to work, me and my partner simply exchanged tracks and did not use the app. From the tracks alone, however, I was able to get a sense for what was happening at the location and what feeling they conveyed. One thing I really liked about the tracks that were recorded at places on CU campus was the chaotic noisiness. They were clearly the background noises of events going on at the place, and they conveyed the bustling background feeling of actually being there. I also really liked the track with music. It was very interesting and intricate. It definitely fit the space it was designed forand worked well to convey and pull out feeling. I thought that it was interesting how the tracks took you in a specific order. I liked that it would take you on a set journey, making your transitions feel more meaningful and less spontaneous.

   One thing that I would have changed was that some of the tracks were a kind of confusing and didn’t seem to have an overarching theme. Although that may be the purpose, I felt like there could have been more cohesion and creativity. Some didn’t especially stand out, and I had trouble discerning what was intentional and what was not. Personally,  I would have liked to hear something that really amazed me and inspired me, but the point of this project may be completely different. Overall, I did enjoy the project, and I think that the edition of space would have made the tracks more special and meaningful.