Blog Post #3 Sydney Lashmet

It’s an interesting concept to think about listening to speakers playing what we’re supposed to hear. I understand we do it every day unconsciously, but videos like the one we viewed in recitation or the Virtual Barber Shop freak me out because of technology advancing in different types of ways, but when the host of that video in recitation pulled off the mic cover and revealed it to be an ear, it’s so simplistic and ironic. Figuring out what kind of “experience” to give was fun – I decided on trying for a coffee shop in a lowkey manner, and I recorded simple sounds like the steamer and the cashier asking what they can get for you, so it may not exactly portray a coffee shop. I enjoy doing these projects because it makes me think critically – or better term creatively – in ways I never have before. The video projects were easier for me, and this project I am a little nervous for. This will probably be the most difficult project for me because I take photos and videos casually, but I never considered sound aspects of media because normally media will consist of something to look at.

I thought the Ted Talk we watched with the woman recording the sound of space helps put into perspective getting the feeling of your space. I didn’t think space could have a sound because everything I’ve been told said space is a vacuum. Nothing exists alone in space – if that makes sense?

I chose to embed a YouTube video of background noises of a coffee shop, I thought it was kind of funny because I specifically go to Starbucks every morning just for the atmosphere of the place.