Blog Post #3

When I first started this semester I really didn’t like the photo-a-day project. It was a hindrance I really didn’t have time for between school and work. Now that I am in the middle of the semester I really hate the photo-a-day project. I am mostly still too busy to stop and take pictures, but I am now busier than I was before. Most of that is because my study abroad program is trying to finish up. A little of the other part is because I’m trying to get my scuba certification with my friend. On top of everything, one of the weeks was called “the day in the life of” in which you take pictures of someone in their normal daily routine. That was a big problem for me because I don’t see anyone in my life more than 4 hours in a week. So it was hard for me to take a lot of pictures when I don’t see anyone more than two hours at a time. And the most recent challenge is that I recently broke my camera phone. I work for the city of Thornton and on Saturday night I was working the haunted house. Sometime during the night, I was laying down on the ground and when I got up to scare someone the glass coving the lens of my camera shattered. It is not the worst but it does add a very unwanted blur to my photos. So we will see how well I can work around this.