Reading Response #3 – Kelsey Mullins

According to Gye, one reason people take photographs is to create personal and group memories. The desire to photograph is socially constructed, and personal photography took off partially as a result of Kodak’s marketing. For example, one of their taglines was “A vacation without a Kodak is a vacation wasted.” Sharing photographs is also a social experiance, and they can be shared online or in person. Now that most people have a cell phone camera on them at all times, there are more opportunities to take photos, and these pictures have become more individualized.

This reading is relevant to the course because cell phones have dramatically altered the media landscape, and will continue to do so. Even though this is an older article, the content is still applicable today.

In my experiance, all of these themes are true, and social media in particular has contributed to the individual focus of mobile photography. A majority of the picture that I take are of myself and my friends, so I found this reading to be very accurate in my experiance. I think it would be interesting to see what Gye has to say about social media. He lightly touched on sites such as Flicker, but I think Facebook and Instagram have had a larger impact on photography in the years after this was published.

The media artifact I included is a video from Peter Mckinnon, where he talks about how to “crush your instagram game” I think this video is interesting because it shows there is an artistic approach to social media in some situations. This video has 1.1 million views, showing that many people are interested in this approach to social media.