Fletcher Evilsizer Blog Post 3

I have been putting in lots of thought about this project and how I am going to complete it. I want to record the sound of the UMC courtyard. As I was walking through this area yesterday there was a kid playing a guitar and I thought that might make for a perfect recording. Although, I was late to class so I didn’t have time to stop and record it. There is lots of commotion at the UMC and I am sure it will be possible to record multiple different voices or conversations happening to set the scene of the UMC. I have a handheld Zoom four track recorder that I will use to record the sound. I never use this handheld microphone so I am excited to use it for something because it normally just sits in my drawer. Once I record that I will put it into my DAW and I am going to compose some music to go along with the recording. On my DAW (Ableton Live 9) I will not only compose some music but I will also create the entire sound design. I will manipulate one of my synthesizers I have to shape a particular wavelength to create a sound scape that correlates with the recording. It will most likely be something that is relatively ambient. I am going to make the music ambient and the recording ambient. Although I will put the recording on multiple tracks so I can choose when the listener needs to pay attention to the recording to get a feel of the location.