Blog #3- Anna Morgenthaler

For the Locative Media assignment, I have chosen my location and content for both the story tracks, and the atmosphere tracks. My Location is going to be Norlin Quad, with the focal point being the Robert Frost statue that sits outside of Old Main. I want my walk through to depict the change in seasons, from fall to winter, that is currently happening. I plan to do this through the use of the Robert Frost poems, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” and “Stopping on a Snowy Evening.” I plan to record rustling leaves and crunching snow as my atmosphere tracks, assuming the weather cooperates.

One difficulty I have had so far is creating an account on “AppFurnace.” I went to go start building my app, and found that the company has restricted the use of the program, and that I therefore was not permitted to make an account. I am hoping to address this in this week’s recitation. Besides this, I feel good about the progress I’ve made in planning and scheduling the execution of my project. I’m planning on borrowing a microphone from my sister this weekend to do my recordings. I am satisfied that I found a way to incorporate my love of English into this project, and I am excited for the outcome.

I find the aim of my project to fall in line with Augmented Reality, and how it can inform and shape the world around you. Through my project I plan to show my audience the space as Frost would have viewed it, by way of the poet’s own words. By framing Frost’s poems in this space, I hope to alter how my audience views the space, and the poet. I hope my project will give both the space and the poet new life.

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