Reading Response #2

Eli Fuchs

Reading Response

CMDP 1400


The reading I chose to write about for this week’s reading response was Erickson – Documentary with Ephemeral Media: Curation Practices in Online Social Spaces. I chose this topic because I found it to be the most interesting out of all of the readings from this week. This article investigates the phenomenon of documentary broadcasting, whereby individuals curate lasting descriptions and commentaries about a location for public audience. The article continues to go into detail about the phenomenon of documentary when it is integrated with two key developments on the sociotechnical front: social media and locative technologies. It talks about how broadcasting is the act of sharing information beyond yourself to a perceived or actual audience. This reading relates to topics discussed in class because it explains the progress we have made technologically and socially. We are now able to document where we are and what were are doing through photos and share them to the social world. The evolution of the camera has allowed everyone to be able to be a photographer if they have a camera phone. I can relate this to my own experiences because I use social media every day. Without even noticing I am checking Instagram and Snapchat to see pictures that people are posting even if I’m not really friends with them. Especially now with snapchat you can see where people are at all times just by being friends with them on the app. There’s a new feature that literally shows a map of the U.S. and where your snapchat friends are on the map. This has helped connect people from all over the world and I believe people can learn more about places through these improvements

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