Blog Post #1: Tanner Hartwick-Photo a day

Tanner Hartwick

Blog Post #1

My progress so far on the photo-a-day project is great! I’ve been keeping up with the amount of photos I need to take per week and really trying new techniques and looking at capturing whatever I’m looking in a new perspective. Some of the difficulties I’ve been running into is not remembering to take a photo each day and having a difficult time with getting photos to match the topic of the week. I keep forgetting to take a photo each day so I’m having to double up on photos once or twice a week. And the topic of family is hard to capture when your whole family lives 2-3 states away, so I’ve been taking photos of my friends on my dorm hall because they are technically my family for the year why I’m here. This project has everything to do with this course because it’s making me think creatively and making me work with things I’ve been learning in class and using that in my photos and videography.

I also like to make videos of my time here at Boulder and was wondering if that could count has some sort of credit for the class. I’m really excited about the future of this project all the topics we’ll get to try out. But also all the future techniques I’m going to learn for photography and videography. This my favorite class that I have and I am absolutely thrilled every time and I have this class and I am so excited for the rest of the semester.