Blog Post #1: Sam Brown

The project we are currently working on is the photo-a-day project. The goal of the project is to take 1 photo per day of something relating to the weekly topic. Our first week the topic was college/dorm life and this week it was family based. Overall, I’ve had a great experience with this project so far and actually like it a lot. I really like how each week there is a topic, but no other directions or rules are given. It’s up to you, the photographer, to use your imagination to portray that theme through a photo of your choice. The lack of direction lets your mind run and create photos you never thought you were capable of. I also like how you have to post at least one photo a day. I feel like that really keeps me interested and on top of the project. Another aspect of this project that I enjoy is the fact that we are “forced” to document daily parts of our lives. I have a pretty bad memory, so being “forced” to document a memory everyday goes way beyond just a school assignment. I can now look back and remember something I did, where I was, or who I was with every single day of this semester. As of right now, I am just taking pictures each day. Looking into the future, I may explore documenting my life daily with video! It will be something that takes a lot more work, but it will be more meaningful in the end as well as provide a lot more context of my daily life.

Here is a link to a picture of all my friends(family) and I in the dorms: