Blog Post #1 – Photo-a-day “Family”

So far I have enjoyed the photo-a-day project. It is cool to think about one given theme in 7 different ways (assuming all of the photos are somewhat different). As far as week 2’s theme of “Family”, I think things went pretty well. I was able to submit what I thought constitutes as family to me whether that is the mountains, my roommates, other random CU students, etc. The tricky thing about this assignment for me is that my time is somewhat limited because I have a job with CU’s on campus newspaper, the CU Independent and I recently picked up a job aside from school. However, when I’m shooting the football games, I get a variety of shots each week that suffice for our topic each week. For example, I posted a photo of the running back, Phil Lindsay, hugging wide receiver, Jay MacIntyre after a touchdown was scored. Just because we aren’t related does not mean them hugging isn’t an expression of family. Sports are a great family away from home – a bunch of people on one team trying to accomplish a certain goal through ups and downs. The photo-a-day assignments pertain heavily to the course because it asks us to experiment with media in different ways. With a still photo, it encourages looking at something from a new angle or perspective in order to differentiate the content. This follows the idea that we all perceive the same media in different ways. Looking at a photo could evoke completely different emotions from two different people.

A link from one of my favorite movies: