Blog Post 1- Phoenix Vaughan-Ende

Phoenix Vaughan-Ende

Professor Andrew Young

Intro to Contemporary Media Cultures

21 September 2017

Blog One

Currently I am working on the Found Footage project. I just finished a two minute song that will accompany my video. It has lots of samples and adlibs from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (which is also what I’m planning to use for the video portion). The song is built around an electronic, video game sounding loop. It is accompanied by a synth bass and simplistic drums. It finishes with a slow, easy-going guitar solo. This is less of a traditional song in that there is no chorus or singing and is more of a score for my video. Overall, the song went surprisingly smoothly, and I’m pleased with how it came out. I’m very excited to add some video, and I’m hopeful for the finished product. I have very little experience editing video, so I’m a little nervous that it may not be as good as I want. One thing I’m afraid of, as far as the video goes, is that I want it to be aesthetically pleasing and have a good pace with the audio, but I am not sure exactly how I want to assemble the footage. The editing will definitely be a challenge, but it’s one I’m looking forward to. In relation to this class, I am already using media for an unintended purpose (like we discussed in class). I’m taking audio and video clips from something and arranging them to create an entirely new meaning. This video project has the opportunity to apply everything that we’ve been talking about in class. I’m using multiple media outlets, creating a structured story, and constructing a message based on my perception of the world.