Blog Post #1 Noah Thacker

One of the draw backs of new media is that, at times, it can be very frustrating. That is how I feel about my photo-a-day projects. I am not a person to take pictures every day and post them on social media sites. Take this weeks assignment for example. When I was with my family for dinner I wasn’t thinking about taking a picture. I just was thinking about spending time with them and enjoying it. It is also hard to take a photo a day because I am constantly busy and moving all the time. Between work and school spare time is something I do not have a lot of. I usually cant stop to take a picture of a moment or a person because I’m either running to class, in class, or at work. It is good to be thinking about media every day but extremely frustrating to have to pause whatever I’m doing and take a picture like some Instagram model. I like to work with a real camera and editing and video so taking still pictures is not my thing. I don’t really love it like I love video so its hard for me to build up the enthusiasm to do this project well. Also trying to constantly transfer pictures from my phone to my laptop is giving me headaches. This project is not necessarily hard, just time consuming and that is one thing I do not have a lot of unfortunately.