Blog Post #1

The current production assignment is currently the found footage assignment which is by far the most interesting assignment I’ve been given since my start at CU. Our task is to take unoriginal footage and turn it into something that it isn’t supposed to be. For example, if we found a music video, turn it into a documentary. To answer one of the questions, I’ve had some difficulty finding creative ways to modify the purpose of some of the clips I found. After I’ve seen some of the videos and its defined purpose, my biggest challenge was to view them in a different way. I can’t seem to see the video in any other way than it was intended! With that said, I was able to find some content on Youtube (attached) that I was able to get a little creative with. I’ve always been a fan of American Idol and America’s Got Talent so what I’d like to try is to take various clips over the years and turn it into a full music video. I think this would be a cool spin off to the whole idea of the show and I’m in the middle of trying to figure out how I’ll piece it all together. I like this assignment because of its relation to the course overall. We’re given the freedom of choosing footage from the present day and I think that is nice to work with due to the fact that we’re living in the time and therefore can draw from what we’ve experienced versus having to find content that we have no idea about from the 60’s or something from long ago.

Youtube video: