Blog #1: Nathan A. Connolly- Family Photos

I found this weeks “photo of the day” topic to be very enjoyable, as well as challenging. Being almost one thousand miles away from home, it was difficult for me to take pictures that reminded me of my family. This weeks task forced me to be more creative, and to look outside the box, and to look inside myself to find out what family truly means to me. I began to look around my room for something that would spark my imagination. Oddly enough, what I was looking for was sitting on my head. My brand new, limited edition Anaheim Angels hat. The Angels have always been a big part of my life, especially because I live only five minutes from the stadium.
When I originally took the picture of the hat, there wasn’t much of a thought process that went into it. But what I learned from this class was that photo graphs have meaning, and can tell a story. So I used different lighting to shine on half of the hat, and to darken the other half to represent life and death. The dark side represents a death in the family, while the other side has the Angels logo illuminated and represents ascension into Heaven.
My favorite photo that I took was of one of my favorite artists, Chance the Rapper. I laid down on the floor to tried to take the picture from a lower angle. This puts the viewer in my perspective, showing them that I am literally, and metaphorically looking up to this man and all of his creativity.