Blog #1 Julie Abjean

Thus far, the photo-a-day assignment has taken most of my attention in class. I’ve completed the first week and I’m almost ready to upload my photos for week 2. Week one was fun. I liked trying to document what it was like to live in my apartment. There’s always a little bit of a mess, my roommate and I lay on our beanbag and couch, and sometimes we try to be somewhat productive. She’s my best friend and a really important part of my college life and the bigger picture. Capturing representations of living in my first apartment away from home was really fun and rewarding. I realized in week two that family and my apartment have a lot in common. It’s my home away from home, which became part of my family.

However, I did struggle with documenting the moments that really showed my daily life perfectly. It’s really hard to remember to take a photo every day, so I think i’m going to try to set up a daily reminder. However, I fell like it might displace the point of candid themes like “lifestyle”.

This assignment really reminds me of our class discussion involving the camera eye. Sometimes when I try to photograph something, I get really disappointed. It doesn’t capture exactly what I’m seeing. I forget that a photo can’t have the same amount of meaning as the moment it’s taken. That’s because the camera eye is extremely limited and can only capture what you tell it to.