Blog #1- Anna Morgenthaler

As I write this I currently have 6 of the 7 pictures taken, and posted, for the Photo-a-Day #2 assignment. Thus far I feel satisfied with my work. I feel that photos are creative, and that they convey what family means to me and where I find it throughout my life. My greatest difficulties with the project have been trying to make my views and opinions as clear as possible to make it easy for the viewer to understand, and taking photos that seem organic and authentic. I am beginning to see how difficult it is to convey messages through photography, as I understand that not every viewer will experience the photo exactly as I intended. I staged some of the photos I took for this week’s assignment and I am worried that they come across as stilted or cheesy. I hope that this lack of authenticity is only present in my viewing of the photos and that that seem clean and meaningful to the viewer. Despite some of these difficulties I do feel that I managed to take some good shots with balanced colors and light. I also feel satisfied with how I chose to portray “family.” Through doing this project, and experiencing media from the production side, I am beginning to understand more clearly the limitations of media in conveying one strict concept. I now understand how one can manipulate their environment and provide the viewer with a skewed, limited scope of the world they inhabit. Through doing this project I believe I am becoming a more knowledgeable consumer, as I now realize how the world can be manipulated in media production, and how it can manipulate me.