Blog #1

This week’s production assignment that I’m talking about is the Photo-a-day assignment. This week’s theme was family and I had a little harder time with this week than the first week. I realized that my family isn’t much of an artistic type (except for me) and doesn’t really like being pictured either; I tried the best I could to capture my family. But I also realized that family to me didn’t just mean my blood family, I also had my old teammates and friends who are like brothers and sisters to me. I also discovered within my families that we all have different shared realities. We all live within the same house, or go to the same church, etc. which is the common factor, but what we do with our time is different (just like what we talked about with realism vs. reality).

I realized with this week, especially, I have ran out of creative angles and perspectives to capture these moments of my family. It was harder because this time I had to wait for a right time or simply just take a regular, normal photo which seemed a bit boring to me. I wanted to capture the livelihood of what was happening, but the camera didn’t seem to capture the beauty or life I wanted it to. I was a bit frustrated, especially with some action shots the didn’t end up happening, because what I saw happening was pure joy and excitement, but the camera almost dulled the actuality of the “scene”. I’m attaching a picture in my photo-a-day album on Flickr, but it’s a picture I took of my previous coach and her son. I seemed to capture happiness in it’s essence, this was the one picture I loved from that night.

Day 1 (Family)