Reading Response 3: Replacing Place- Kelsey Cloud

William Mitchell, in his article “Replacing Place”, describes the ways in which the convergence of electronic communications and the personal computer has created a cyberspace that consists of alternate realities and online environments. Computer programs have created virtual realities where participants can create their own online worlds, a new identity, and interact with others all […]

Reading Response #2

Eli Fuchs Reading Response CMDP 1400   The reading I chose to write about for this week’s reading response was Erickson – Documentary with Ephemeral Media: Curation Practices in Online Social Spaces. I chose this topic because I found it to be the most interesting out of all of the readings from this week. This […]

Reading Response 2: Kelsey Cloud- Picture This

  Lisa Gye’s “Picture This” examines the ways in which camera phones enable new modes of personal photography. Camera phones, according to Gye, are extending the ways we capture, store and disseminate personal photographs and that chances how we understand who are are and our memories. She underlines the reasons why people take personal photographs- […]

Fletcher Evilsizer Blog Post 2

This week I was mainly focusing on the Photo A day assignment. For this weeks pictures we had to take self portraits. I wanted to completely stray from the original selfie, so I had people take pictures of me when I was doing different activities. Most of the pictures taken of me were pictures of […]

Blog #2

This week was a big production week for me. With daily photos, and the found footage assignment deadline approaching, I tried my best to get a lot of the work done early. On Wednesday, I spent almost 6 hours in Norlin Library creating my found footage video. At the time, I thought it was due […]

Blog Post #1

This week I have been working on the found footage video assignment. I initially found it really difficult to get started on because I didnt have a clear idea of what I wanted to use. I spent a long time sorting through the found footage folder with no real direction. Once I decided that I […]

Blog Post #1

The whole photo-a-day project is actually pretty cool because I have a friend from home who is really into photography and videography. He tries to mostly keep his work to rooftop photos of Chicago and music festivals; this project kind of inspired me to think more about what my perspective is, and what I want […]

Blog #1: Photo-A-Day

During the past two weeks, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the current Photo-A-Day project. This week, with the topic of “Family”, I decided to plan out some photos. With a friend visiting from home, we had tons of plans to hike and see Colorado. My first photo is a photo of my dog that I have on […]

Blog Post #2

The Photo-A-Day project has been going really well. I still am unsure of my own ideas for my photos, though. I totally lack any imagination with some of my photos, almost like writer’s block. I think this happens because we have themes each week, which I like, but it forces me to evaluate what exactly […]

Blog Post #2

This week I have been working on the Photo-A-Day project. I have been having some serious issues with my flicker account, and had to remake it twice in order for it to work. Despite the problems I have had with flicker, it does seem like a good way to view photos and I learned you […]