Blog Post #1 Shane Cohen

So far in class I’ve been very interested in the Kino-eye and how we choose to not only perceive the world through the lens, but also how we portray it. I’ve been thinking about this as I move forward with the “Photo-A-Day” assignment and trying to ignite a new perspective on how we see our living spaces that we too often take for granted every day. I want to eventually apply this to all areas of creativity in just making people really think about what they are seeing and challenge them to process the art not just see it. Listen rather than just hearing, if you will. I’ve also been thinking a lot about artistic integrity. As a photographer, is it unethical to use photoshop to make abstract versions of reality? Or is that more respectable then simply “recreating reality” or taking an image in the world and claiming that image as our “own”?


     With any form of art our storytelling ego’s often take charge and create something out of nothing. It’s humans inherent ability to make meaning even when meaning may not be present. While not all things I create will be extremely meaningful,  I try and create works of meaning so that our natural storyteller within us will not be left unsatisfied and we can use our imagination to continuously interpret the metaphors hidden within.


     I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed learning that even documentarians create fiction within “Non-fiction” pieces. It has changed the way I see documentaries and non-fiction peices and how details are sometimes created by directors and not reality. Which brings us back to artistic integrity and aesthetic interpretations.