Blog Post #3- Emma Yoder

The past few photo a days have progressively become easier to remember to take pictures of something that catches my eye. I feel i’m starting to see things in a different way, from a more artistic perspective. Although the ideas have become easier, the picture taking itself has become harder. In the first couple weeks […]

Blog post#3 Jack Benziger

I have been thinking about this assignment for a little bit, because of the delay of app but have some good ideas already for this project. I just started our locative media production assignment with the use of our iPad we were given. I just got the app on the iPad and I am very […]

Blog #3 – Luca Evangelista

The topic for this week’s photo-a-day was from the ground. As I am already a terrible photographer, this theme really challenged me to think outside the box while taking my photos. As I began taking my pictures, I actually began to like the way that the pictures looked from this angle. I think I began to […]

Blog Post 3- Alex Rivas

This is an interesting assignment because it combines media with another aspect. This really makes you consider all the details of what you are sharing. This really differed from other media I most often come in contact with. For example, social media. I can post things and see others post things that require little to […]

Blog Post #3 Matt Shanahan

The Locative Media Project as a whole seems very interesting. Watching the video of the women in the train station made me begin to think about what I would like to do for my project. I have begun to review the Locative Media Handout sheet that was emailed to us last week. The assignment seems […]

Blog #3

I have been thinking thoroughly of how to execute the locative media project. The first thing that comes to mind is the space I am going to use. I need a large general space that I can utilize to create my environment. So, I went with Norlin quad as it can give me a large […]

Blog post #3 – Tyler Chan

This week’s assignment taking photos from the ground up proved to be a harder task than I originally thought it would be. Some things I had difficulty with was focusing in on the subject of the photo. I also ran into some trouble with see exactly what I was taking a photo with on the […]

Blog Post #3 – Holly Brodowski

Truthfully, the locative media handout confused me more than it informed me, but from what I gathered from it, I have a few ideas. I believe (don’t kill if I’m wrong) that through the aid of audio tracks we are supposed to give a sort of tour in a public space on campus. Similar to my […]

Blog #3 – Daniel Ewart

I have yet to begin assignment three but I have began thinking about what I am doing to do for it. I have began thinking about spaces on campus that I can do a walking tour. I do have certain criteria for the spaces that I want to choose. One criteria is that the scenery […]

Blog Post 3- Andres Familiar

This next project is going to be very fun and interesting. The Locative Media assignment is going to make me think a lot to try to make it as creative as possible. Although I still have no idea what I’m going to do it on, I still need to find the perfect spot on campus […]