Blog Post #2 – Madison Little

This weeks photo a day assignment was much more challenging than I originally thought it was going to be. I grew up in New York, where my mother, older brother, and three of my younger sisters are still living. This is whom I would consider my family to be if we were just referring to […]

Emma Yoder- Blog post #2

This week’s photo assignment required much more thought than last weeks. I’m from Nashville, where both my parents live and it is very evident all over my room. I realized how many objects in my room represent my home. I thought it would be cool to just show how I incorporate home and family through […]

Blog Post #2 – Holly Brodowski

The first week of the photo-a-day assignment felt forced and unnatural, but now that we’re onto the second week things are starting to settle in. Week one consisted mostly of forgotten photo opportunities and spending time brainstorming what could communicate ‘dorm/college life.’ Although this week’s theme was a bit more difficult, I felt myself noticing […]

Blog Post #2 Carlisle Olsen

The photo-a-day assignment became more natural during the second week of shooting. I became more alert to picture ideas and brought my iPad everywhere I went. I integrated new technology- the iPad- into my everyday life after becoming acclimated to the new mainstream media platform- Flickr. This week I discovered the vignette effect on the […]

Blog Post #2 Matthew Rivera

Family is still a topic I’m learning about.  I grew up with an alcoholic mother and drug addict brother who were my only family and I joined the Marine Corps right at 18 years old and for 13 years that was my only family.  Luckily I have an amazing wife who has a great family, […]

Blog Post#2 Daichi Ikeda

     Actually, this assignment, photo a day 2, was interesting and hard for me. This is because my family is in Japan now and I stay in America for just one year. It was hard for me to figure out what family means for me here. Now, I don’t have immediate relation to my family. […]

Blog #2 – Daniel Ewart

I have finished this week’s photo-a-day assignment. This week’s topic was family. Family can be loosely defined as anyone that is close to you, which could include your friends, roommates, or immediate family. To me family means my immediate family, such as my mother, father, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. During the school week […]

Blog Post #2

Over the last week I have tried to take photos of what family means to me here in Boulder. It was slightly difficult to really capture the theme of family when those who I consider my true family were not here for me to photograph, however I think the photos I have taken do capture […]

Blog Post #2 Luca Evangelista

The task for this weeks photo-a-day was to capture pictures that show your family or family life. While this seems fairly simple, when I sat down and thought about it, I realized that there were a lot more things that have been present in my life that I would consider family and I felt were […]

Blog #2 Tyler Olson

I enjoyed this week’s Photo A Day assignment tremendously, although it was fairly tricky as I am from Wisconsin and most of my family is there. Regardless, I had some family portraits hanging around, a few family letters, an inside car joke, and my cat that sufficed for the requirements. I was a bit at […]