Reading Response#1: Daichi Ikeda

I read “The Screening of America” by A.O. Scott. Today, the number of media we can consume is much bigger than before. This made it possible to watch movies without going to cinema. In fact, we have a lot of movies that we have watched but not in movie theaters. Then, will people stop going […]

Reading Response #1: Luca Evangelista

The “Screening of America” by A.O. Scott is discussing the transition that audiences have made from watching video formatted media in cinemas to watching them at home or even on their mobile devices. He goes on to explain that while the ways in which we consume media has changed there has also been a shift […]

Reading Response #1- Alex Rivas

Ways of Seeing by John Berger made me realize something that I have never thought of before. I’ve never considered the fact that we are never really ever seeing the “original” of things, and rather just many many reproductions. It seems so obvious, but it had never crossed my mind. The thing that is even […]

Reading Response #1: Daniel Ewart

I am writing my reading response on the article, The Screening of America by A. O. Scott. This article talks about the difference in viewing movies from a TV or laptop than that from a movie theater. Scott talked about how the majority of people use TV’s and laptops to watch movies and shows, however […]

Reading Response #1

  John Berger and A.O. Scott talk of media from the Renaissance to the 21st century and the similarities are shocking. Berger writes that we all see things differently and from our own perspectives. When he puts this theory into the ways of seeing a renaissance painting, he writes that without the viewer’s knowledge of […]