Reading Response #1 – Zeb Estrada

The way I felt a connection with “The Screening of America” is how AO Scott began his story with how he was watching a movie on his laptop even though he believes in theater film would be better. Personally, I love going to the movies because you get the assurance of no breaks or problems such as commercials or slow Internet connection, and although the high price, I love getting real movie theater popcorn and an Icee. However, watching movies at home is more convenient and cheap compared to going out which is why I certainly watch movies on Netflix or Amazon more than at the cinema.


When reading chapter one of John Berger’s book, I agree that art has changed a lot over time as well as its value. What I have never understood about art is how hundreds of years ago a painter or sculptor could have made realistic humans, but modern art can be a splat of red on a white canvas can be sold for more than what an older piece of art is worth.

I wonder if the quote from the book, “value is now determined by its rarity” impacts the demand in modern art. Maybe the billionaires who purchase the unusual art see classic art as “tacky” because it’s unoriginal in the sense that it has been replicated so many times on posters, mugs, or wallpapers.