Reading Response #1 – Zach Miller

The Screening of America by A.O. Scott is a particularly interesting piece of work to me because of its extreme relevance to my generation and how media is changing every minute. He discusses how movies are slowly being watched more and more out of theatres and onto television causing a change in the culture around movies and how we view them. I agree with Scott on the idea that television is becoming more and more extreme to incorporate movies into the everyday home, my roommate and close friend has his own “mini theatre” inside his house that creates the same feel as walking into your local Imax. This just goes to show that having the means to watch a movie in your own house is a sign of success, the better your setup the better you look in the eyes of others. To me though the big change is how people start to view movie theaters, I think while people can watch more and more movies at home with a similar quality the idea of going to the theatre becomes more and more special. I find myself looking at new movies coming out and deciding which ones are “worth it” to go see in the movie theatre, because its no longer where I’ll go to see any old movie. I see this becoming the case with a lot of people and families, the stigma around going out to the movies is making it so going out with your family, seeing star wars with your homies, or even going on that first date that could lead to many more is being made that much more special.