Reading response #1- Tyler Chan

The reading Ways of Seeing by Berger taught us how the perspectives and portrayals of paintings and images have evolved over time. All photos, whether they are painted or captured through a camera show whatever it is being captured through the perspective of the painter or photographer. The painter or photographer can choose to take the photo or paint the image from an infinite amount of view points, however the perspective they choose shows how they would like the object in to the image to be portrayed. On the other hand, the people viewing the image may see something completely different than the person who captured or painted the image. Because images can forever out last the person who painted or captured the image, images that last hundreds of years may be interpreted in a completely different way than the original person who captured the image may have interpreted it. Different opinions on different images are also the reason why certain images and painting become more valuable or controversial than other images. In today’s world, we have social media that virtually allows anyone with a smartphone or camera to post images to the Internet that will allow them to be viewed by the whole world. Different people will choose different perspectives to capture different images and in turn people will view these images and have different opinions on them. Today, likes can be seen as assigning a value to image captured by a person. If someone gets enough likes they may even be able to get paid for the image they captured.