Reading Response #1 – Jenna Parks

In the readings for this week, the authors focused on the importance of the context when consuming different forms of art. I find this extremely interesting because I had never previously thought about how an individual’s perception of art would change depending on how they consume it, or how that consumption would change the value of the art. I personally don’t generally go to the movie theatre or to museums very often but I would still consider myself someone who is very interested in both art and films. It is just so easy for me to learn about and appreciate them from my computer that I underestimate how valuable those genuine artistic experiences are. I suppose it is important for those who enjoy consuming art and film to go to the theatres and museums because the revenue that is generated from these experiences funds later projects in order to keep drawing in crowds and progressing the arts and media. The ease at which the masses can freely consume art and media can be extremely dangerous to the growth of the fields, but at the same time the ease at which the masses can freely create art and media thanks to modern technology makes the field interesting and profitable. However if people are only looking at reproductions of paintings and watching films on their laptops while responding to emails, will the genuine artistic spirit be incorporated into new works, or will it begin to fade? It is very dependant on the perspective and past experiences of the artist.