Reading response #1 – Jack Benziger

In the Ways of Seeing written by John Berger, he talks about different perspectives in which we see our daily lives. Berger refers to the Renaissance era as a time where people saw things that we see now, but through a different lens. In the Renaissance era they did not have any photography technology that allowed the people to view perspectives from national landmarks and other famous locations. Photography allows people to view other people’s perspectives on certain locations. Photography personally has the changed the way I look at things from my childhood. Before I was interested in photography I would look at the outside world with a blank lens, with very little meaning. Once I picked up a camera I felt the creativity almost instantly, and loved having the ability to showcase my own perspective on the world.

Photography has almost taken over painting as an art form, due to the pure simplicity of producing an image with each method. In the Renaissance era paintings were the only other form of displaying other perspectives. Painting is still a very respected art form, but due to the technological advancements of the photography industry producing a representation of what your eye saw is a much more streamlined processed than before. Throughout reading the selection of Ways of Seeing by Berger I felt like it was a very stimulating read forcing the reader to think about their past experiences, and how they view the world through their own perspectives. I had never thought about the impact of me taking a photograph, and how the ability to share your own perspective on the world.